Why is composting so powerful?

Composting is art. It’s science, it’s a visual story that nature tells you about how things break down. Composting shows you death of many things, and just like that – like a phoenix rising from ashes – you see signs of life again.

Composting is a symbol of showing how to nurture living soil. A living soil of thousands of microbes – that fuel this planet’s ability to regenerate. Wet waste along with dry leaves – are the perfect companions – that create this living soil.

While this seems extremely romantic, can societies/organisations/individuals make this living soil on a day to day basis? Yes. We can. Composting on site cannot be simply looked at as a way to manage wet waste. When one composts their own kitchen waste, you realise it’s true potential.

Potential # 1 : YES IN MY BACKYARD! (YIMBY)

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Clean, green backyards means odour free composting. It means working in sync with the micro-climate using minimal energy. The best technology is nature – and we work with her, rather than against her. Many societies that we have plugged in with, know that composting with minimal energy and basic technology works in the long term.


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Getting people together, to segregate together in a uniform fashion, day after day. It’s the beginning of a mindful community. When people see clean environments – odor free composting right in their backyards – that’s when we break ceilings on how waste management looks. It’s no longer about something happening somewhere. It’s a community doing their bit – right where they are.


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Composting is addictive. If you’ve ever done composting, you’ll get this. You can’t stop. You can’t look back. You’ll want to do this again and again – it’s because we’re connected to soil. De-facto dry waste is cleaner and better segregated. No food contamination implies – everyone in the supply chain of managing dry waste does not encounter poor working conditions. Without a doubt, higher rates of recycling will become the norm. And the best part: Kids lead the way!

Potential # 4: JOY OF GARDENING

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When you see that first tomato growing out of your compost – it gives you joy of creating food is priceless. Thousands of our customers nourish their gardens with the compost from home composters/society level composting. To enable safe healthy food for ourselves is the gift that we can give ourselves. That too in this day and age of toxic food.

Does Composting need space? Yes it does. With our experience of working with 100+ housing societies in Pune, we have identified space that people didn’t know existed! And these 100+ communities have not sent one gram of wet waste out of their plots thanks to our daily service (including sundays) of composting on site.

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