Know How Foundation – INORA, a Pune based NGO which has been working in the field of waste management and organic farming since 1992. INORA provides end to end waste management solutions for individuals, societies, institutions, agro waste industries, sugar industries and food processing industries, among others. We have also been providing integrated waste management solutions to rural areas, particularly in Mulshi Taluka near Pune. 

KHF INORA’s team comprises of environmentalists, microbiologists, bio technologists, trained coordinators, service providers, social entrepreneurs for waste management. Customised microbial cultures such as Decompost Culture (DC), IVEM developed by INORA play a key role in making composting an odour free process. KHF-INORA has provided technical, operational and helped in standardized technologies that have been integrated across award winning projects.

The result of this holistic work is seen, as over 440 tons of waste is treated over the last 2.5 years. More than 25 TPD of waste is treated at over 400 housing complexes, in decentralized way, in Pune city. Our standardized composting / composting technologies have tried and tested by Pune Municipal Corporation at their KK market where 500 kg of municipal organic waste is treated daily. 

ProEarth shares a deep meaningful relationship with Know How Foundation. KHF started an incubators program in 2013. ProEarth was founded through this program. We continue to support and provide key inputs in the social programs within KHF-INORA.