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Wet Waste Management

On site composting, odor free and hassle free.


E-Waste Management

Collection to dismantler- end to end services.

Garden Waste

Garden Waste Management

Connecting biomass, converting it into resource.

Training and Awareness Building

Empowering everyone through information and action.

Dry waste

Dry Waste Management

Integrated waste material management and planning.

DPR and SWM Planning

Facilitating change through systematic planning & handholding

Our Expertise

At ProEarth we know the problem of waste needs a holistic solution. From source segregation to composting on site to streamlining all other materials – we walk the talk  with our customers. For the past 8 years, we have been working with customers handholding them at every step. We also conduct collection drives for societies and organisations where we begin conversations about conscious living. That drives action towards communities taking onus on managing the waste they generate. 

Our customers trust us for the consistent support that we provide to them whether it is planning for new compost pits or effective storage of dry waste management. 

We are associated with reliability, trust and service. When we provide a service, we embark a journey with a community!  


Wet Waste Management via In situ Composting:

We provide on site odour free composting services for 100+ societies. This is a hassle free process to all our customers, who are assured of our daily service. Wet waste is treated using special microbial cultures, that ensures zero smell. When composting is done on site – it has many advantages. Firstly, it boosts the morale of everybody segregating at source. Secondly, when people come to see wet waste, and are met with compost – they often take it to nourish their gardens with this black gold. 

To ensure that our composting pits do not smell and work effectively, we have a dedicated monitoring component in all our project. We know the value of creating black gold. We also connect this compost as a resource to terrace farming features within societies, and farmers who practice organic farming. 

Wet waste

Dry Waste Management

We value every piece of waste as a resource. And we see that every material is sorted, processed and sent to government approved authorised recyclers. Through our network partners, we have established linkages to every type of material – paper, plastic, cardboard, different types of metal, etc. At every linkage, we safeguard that recycling of any materials happen through authorised recyclers. We work upstream to ensure that every material has end use – and therefore see merit in creating the supply chain for such materials.

When we work with a society to manage their dry waste, we also work to compile and collect detailed data on different types of material collected. This leaves societies empowered with the information, and helps them make educated choice for their zero waste journey.

Garden Waste Management

Garden waste becomes a nuisance in our backyards when it is looked at as waste. ProEarth provides a unique door step garden waste management service. We connect wasted biomass to afforestation programs. We supply leaf litter and branches/twigs to support young saplings. For those who are looking for their precious leaf litter to become compost, we provide essential cultures and a consistent service. We also provide biocharring of garden waste to anyone looking for a door step service.

E-Waste Management

E-waste is an emerging problem, and needs to be tackled at source. All of us have a stash of electronics that do not work or cannot be repaired. We are partnered with a Maharashtra Pollution control Board recycler, who certifies and ensures last mile reusing of all electronical materials. For those materials that can be repaired, our partner ensures that they are refurbished. Reuse is the mantra here.

We align in the philosophy of refurbish, reuse and recycle. We also accept CFL, printer cartridges and Tubelights, which are chargeable.


DPR and SWM Planning

Eight years of delivering service, we now understand the importance of certain key infrastructure and low energy inputs to make sure waste is managed every day even on holidays. Planning and accounting for spaces, infrastructure and the right kind of resources are key to a sustainable waste management system. This ensures, there is resource recovery – not just in material form, but also in overall energy use. 

As consultants for esteemed builders, we provide valuable guidance that are customised to project needs. We also work closely with Gram Panchayats to plan waste better. 

Training & Awareness Building

All stakeholders in waste management need support in relevant, professional training on optimising routes/odor free composting. We take pride to have trained 10,000+ people across rural, urban, rurban in different localities to segregate and streamline waste management. It is impossible to visualise waste management without mass awareness and public involvement. This is key to sustaining many projects.

In addition, we also train human resources wherever necessary. Connect with us, for your specific
queries and for customised programs.



If You Are an Organization, Looking to Connect With Us?

Proearth ecosystems have been handling composting and garden waste collection in our society since 2014. We have been receiving excellent prompt service from them ever since, even during lockdown. The founder, Mr. Anil Gokarna is very knowledgeable, sincere and polite who has trained his staff to be exactly like him. I would specially like to mention Mr. Sambhaji Doiwad and Mr. Ramesh Madar who have been providing services in our society for their dedicated work.

Prachi Datar

We installed the wet waste processing system at Eves Garden Society, Baner, Pune and are very happy that our decision to select ProEarth Ecosystems has been vindicated. Their process ensures proper conversion of wet waste into manure, is clean and there is no foul smell emanating from the wet waste pits. Would highly recommend them to anyone who is looking for a solution to treating wet waste.

Ulhas Damle

Excellent pickup service of green leaves & branches etc for composting. All societies must use such services. Thanks to ProEarth Ecosystems P L. Dedicated team!

Sandesh Sawant