Nirmalya Compotli

The magic powder that converts flowers and offerings into healthy compost for the garden. A simple step that saves rivers and protects our environment!


How to use

The Compotli contains a compost culture. 20g is more than sufficient to decompose 10 days of Nirmalya at home. Simply use a container, add the nirmalya – sprinkle the contents of the Potli all over and cover with soil or compost. Within a few weeks, you will see the nirmalya has decomposed, wihout any odour.

Why compost your nirmalya?

Odour Free

The biotechnlogy from INORA makes the composting process, an odour free one along with making compost a healthy one.

In Situ Management

In situ composting is the best way to reduce the need for sending our waste to the landfill or to any river.

Clean Planet

Greening the planet, means a clean planet, better health for all.

An initative of INORA, Truly Desi and ProEarth.