Alone We Can Do So Little, Together We Can Do So Much.

Anil Gokarn

Anil Gokarn

Anil is a social entrepreneur, who found his calling in establishing waste management services after
a decade in the Automobile Industry. His vision is to play a significant role in transforming how cities
will handle their waste, while offering dignified livelihoods to the urban underprivileged.

Swapna Narayan

Swapna Narayan

Swapna, an HR professional – sees the connection between waste management and public health.
As a founding member of many community groups, she believes in citizen participation.

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Hamsa Iyer

Hamsa oversees communication, aids in project management and contributes to strategic initiatives
and partnerships. She has experience in Project Planning and Management, CSR, Research &

Sambhaji Doiwad

Sambhaji Doiwad

Sambhaji works in a client facing role, managing all of our pick ups and ensures 7 tonnes of wet
waste is processed every day. While overseeing these day to day operations, he brings trust and
empathy to the table for both our customers and our operators.

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Sagar Bhagat

Sagar provides back end support for all our operations – and ensures things are running smoothly.
From working on proposals, to following up with customers, monitoring project performance to providing key inputs for future planning – Sagar is a Jack of multiple trades!

Ramesh Madar

Ramesh Madar​

Ramesh is one of ProEarth’s oldest associates, and has donned multiple hats. Ramesh takes care of project maintenance and ensures quality is maintained. Ramesh’s attention to
detail across projects and ensures that our composting projects work like clockwork.

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Asha Marne​

Asha loves the world of waste management. She walks, talks and knows that there is treasure in
what people call trash! Coming from a farmer family, Asha spent many years talking to local farmer
groups about organic farming. Her efforts have been applauded by many communities.