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Is there an alternative to plastic packaging? Can we put

Sustainability is the key to leading an impactful life. As a person or as a business being sustainable is important. It comes with efforts and mindset to bring a change in society. The founder of Parama Naturals Geeta Prakash and Co-founder of Sampoorna Ahara Shyamala Suresh have given their insights for their sustainable business and packaging.

Design and Product

Geeta’s first inspiration are her parents, who believed in using the same product for different purposes. That has slowly transformed to drive Parama Natural’s simplistic wellness vision. Her children have also shaped Parama’s focus on purity.  While helping her son with projects and tie up with non profit organisations she has seen the impact of waste that we generate on the water bodies. She told that around 60%- 70% of grey water generated from households is released untreated in the water bodies harming the aquatic life and water bodies. In a medical conference, she attended in France she learnt that skin cancer stands at second biggest cancer in Western Europe.  And this was attributed to leave on products like leave in moisturiser.

Sampoorna Ahara’s – India’s first Whole Food Plant Based social Enterprise. Their product lies in good healthy food – which translate into both daily meals as well as snacks. Sampoorna Ahara specialises in Whole Plant Based Food – which implies dairy free, oil free meals. These come with its own challenges. Right from delivery routing to even cooling down food before it is sent. Making their effort to be plastic free they use containers made up of steel and hot boxes for the completely plant based meal. The meal is fresh and oil free with minimum salt making it healthy and preservatives free.

The pandemic was difficult for every business as the delivery has to be contact free and precautions needed to be taken. As a plastic free enterprise, it was difficult for Samoorna Ahara to find an alternative for steel boxes but their creative thinking and readiness for collaboration had made them find an alternative. They used biodegradable boxes instead of plastic which shows their determination for sustainability. Alongside the meal they also send healthy sweets and butters to their consumer which cannot be sent in biodegradable boxes so they use glass and tin boxes for the packaging, making it healthy and sustainable.

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