Awareness holds the key to source segregation

Mandatory waste management in societies worrying you?

Municipalities are making it mandatory for Societies to manage waste on their own! Deadlines are being set. The prospect of paying fines or having garbage not picked up is real! At this point of time, societies It’s time to do something about it. Here are 7 steps to transform your community to waste consciousness!
  1. Communicate deadlines with residents to segregate their waste. Share segregation guides. Suggest residents to use multiple bins for different waste. Suggest what painful measures may have to be taken if compliance is low. Hold awareness programs.
  2. Do door to door collection to fix accountability at each doorstep. This means shutting down common bins and garbage chutes. Consider fixing a collection team which goes door to door everyday. Set a monitoring system for compliance.
  3. Train collection staff not to mix waste which is segregated. This is a motivation killer. Provide collection staff right equipment, bins and personal protection. Hire an expert agency to do this for you if necessary.
  4. Identify a space in the community where dry waste can be stored in a secure way. Build up some fabricated rooms, if necessary. Ensure collection staff store materials neatly and clean all bins daily.
  5. Wet waste can be composted inside your compound very clean and odour free and at affordable levels. Visit successful project and interact with others who have successfully run projects for many years. Understand budgets and technologies and build up a plan to fund this. If you are convinced, you can convince others to do the right thing.
  6. Keep brown leaves, branches and other garden waste neatly packed in boris and designate a space for it. Keeping untidy and unmanaged heaps attracts more waste and creates a litter spots. Contact an agency that will take away garden waste and use it as a resource and not burn it or dump it.
  7. The municipality will continue to collect dry waste, reject and household hazardous wastes. When you have kept it segregated.
It’s not that overwhelming, when you have expert support. Call us! We can setup the entire program for you to go zero waste and become a proud community which complies with good laws.

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