Integrate Zero Waste Design in Buildings: Training Program

Imagine a beautiful township, that has lush green areas surrounding it. Everyone wants to live in a beautiful space like this. Designing for people, also means designing landscapes, buildings to manage the aftermath of consumption – i.e. waste?
Can you optimize space, reduce costs, align with environmental compliance and deliver on long term sustainable waste management? Are failed technologies, and operating overheads giving you a nightmare? Worried about the reputation post-delivery of project?

Here are two words that we believe in: ZERO WASTE.
We mean it, we don’t like wasting money, we don’t like wasting time, and we don’t like wasting space for the wrong technology in the right place.

ProEarth Ecosystems and INORA have been implementing zero waste projects for many years now. We bring to you our insights, and processes from on ground experience of implementing Waste Management – straight from the experts. Together ProEarth and INORA manage 1 Lakh+ households’ waste every day, managing approximately 400 tonnes of wet waste per day.

Zero Waste communities are the future. But in order to get there, let’s re-design our spaces in the planning process. Right from, space, design – integrating living circular economy principles. Plus, what’s more is that these directly feed into IGBC Green Ratings and Environmental Compliance. If you are worried about technologies, processes – and implementation, then this is a workshop that will assist you in transform the spaces you are creating and integrate Zero Waste philosophy in your designs.

Register for our 2 day workshop, that will train you to implement Zero Waste elements in design.

Dates: 14th and 15th September 2022 Time: 9.30 am to 5.30 pm Venue: ProEarth Office, Pancard Club Road, Baner

Please send in your registrations to:, and call on 8007011414 by 7th September.
Only 10 seats.

Registration costs (incl. GST):
For Working Professionals: INR 6000
For Students: Rs. 3500.

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