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ProEarth Ecosystems

Welcome to ProEarth! We’re Pune’s composting, recycling, and zero-waste experts. Join us in our mission to create a cleaner, greener future! 🌱

🏠 Reaching 15,000 households daily, we divert 300 tons/month from landfills – that’s the weight of about 20 elephants! 🐘

We work with housing societies, companies, developers, educational institutions, Gram Panchayats, military establishments and municipalities.

πŸ’ͺ🏽 We’re more than just an environmental organization – we’re committed to creating social impact too. By hiring unskilled youth, we’re providing dignified jobs and empowering our communities.

🌍 Let’s work together to make a difference! Follow us for tips on composting, reducing waste, and sustainable living.

Waste Management Services

Wet Waste

On site composting, odor free & hassle free.

Dry Waste

Integrated waste material management.

Garden Waste

Connecting biomass, converting rescource.


Collection to dismantler – end to end services.

Proearth ecosystems have been handling composting and garden waste collection in our society since 2014. We have been receiving excellent prompt service from them ever since, even during lockdown. The founder, Mr. Anil Gokarna is very knowledgeable, sincere and polite who has trained his staff to be exactly like him. I would specially like to mention Mr. Sambhaji Doiwad and Mr. Ramesh Madar who have been providing services in our society for their dedicated work.

Prachi Datar

We installed the wet waste processing system at Eves Garden Society, Baner, Pune and are very happy that our decision to select ProEarth Ecosystems has been vindicated. Their process ensures proper conversion of wet waste into manure, is clean and there is no foul smell emanating from the wet waste pits. Would highly recommend them to anyone who is looking for a solution to treating wet waste.

Ulhas Damle

Excellent pickup service of green leaves & branches etc for composting. All societies must use such services. Thanks to ProEarth Ecosystems P L. Dedicated team!

Sandesh Sawant

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